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2013 UCSB-Japan Foundation Summer Institute:
Histories of the Japanese Book: Past, Present, Future

Organizer: Michael Emmerich & Katherine Saltzman-Li
(East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies)

The 2013 University of California at Santa Barbara - Japan Foundation Summer Institute will serve as a forum for intensive exploration of topics relating broadly to Japanese book history and the ways in which knowledge and reading experiences are structured by material form. Issues that may arise include the past, present, and future of books, magazines, journals, printing, publication, circulation, bookstores, booksellers, reading, readers, letter-writing, library collections of Japanese books inside and outside Japan, online databases and other resources, and the digital humanities. Paper proposals dealing with any of these issues, or others relevant to the theme of “Histories of the Japanese Book: Past, Present, Future,” are welcome.

The main events of the Summer Institute will take place over three days; the first two will be devoted to presentations and discussion relating to the past (historical research, analysis of books, &ct.), while the third will focus on presentations and discussion relating to the present and future (the potentials and pitfalls of the digital humanities, how digital tools alter the types of questions researchers can pose, the future of publishing, &ct.). Applicants may propose a paper of either type, or one of each.

The Summer Institute aims to bring a range of interdisciplinary perspectives into conversation. It will feature the 2013 Japan Foundation Visiting Professor Dr. Wada Atsuhiko (Waseda University) and leading scholars whose research touches on Japanese book history, including Dr. Mary Elizabeth Berry (University of California, Berkeley), Dr. Brian Dowdle (University of Montana), Dr. Hoyt Long (University of Chicago), Dr. Edward Mack (University of Washington), Dr. Marcia Yonemoto (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Dr. Jonathan Zwicker (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor). For graduate student participants, the Summer Institute presents a unique opportunity for dialogue with peers from universities across the U.S. and a chance to build linkages with some of the leading thinkers in Japan Studies today.

Application: Please send the materials below to Summer Institute Coordinator Michael Emmerich ( by Friday, March 15:
    1) A cover letter introducing your academic background and the relevance of your research to the theme of “Histories of the Japanese Book: Past, Present, Future.”
    2) An abstract of the paper you would like to present.
Criteria for selection: Applicants whose research overlaps most productively with the theme of the Summer Institute will be given preference. While graduate students at all stages are encouraged to apply, those who have advanced to Ph.D. candidacy will be given priority, as will postdoctoral fellows. Financial support may be available to help cover the costs of attending.

Visiting Professorship:
Wada Atsuhiko (Waseda University)